FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019

This June, more eyes than ever before will be on women’s football. There is an ongoing fight for women’s sport to achieve the same level of respect and representation as that played by men. Football is one discipline where female players are steadily seeing an increase in support, coverage and funding. 2019 marks the 8th Women’s World Cup and there are hopes that the global coverage and scale of the tournament will captivate a wider audience. The USA women’s team are hopeful that they will be able to retain their trophy, although there is fierce competition from France, England, Germany and Canada. 
This year, France is privileged to be able to hold this important tournament and help to put women’s football on the map. 

Hammershoi, The Master of Danish Painting

The name Hammershoi is one that many art lovers may not be familiar which, although he has been dubbed the Vermeer of the 20th century. It may be his nationality and era that is to blame here. To early in the 20th century to make it into contemporary showcases. Too late to be included with other European masters. Then there is the strong sense of Danish identity and the sombre, still feeling to his portraits and interiors. The new retrospective at the Jacquemart-André Museum looks set to reengage the public with Hammershoi’s work and ensure that he gets the attention he deserves. 

The Oceania exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly

This year marks the 250th anniversary of Cook’s voyages to the region known as Oceania. For centuries, the cultures and people of these island nations remained unknown to the western world. These journeys of discovery highlighted civilisations that were greatly diverse and had complex cultural traditions that we could only begin to understand. Cook’s journeys around Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific islands brought those remote islands a little closer to home. Over time, the western world became more familiar with different communities, often receiving items as gifts or souvenirs. 

Madame de Maintenon at Palace of Versailles

​The Palace of Versailles has been home to a number of kings and queens throughout its history. Many left a prominent mark on the palace through the artwork and items they brought to their own quarters of the building. This was true for Madame de Maintenon, the wife of Louis XIV. 

European Museum Night 2019 in Paris

Some people in Paris are born night-owls. The ones that take strolls through the city after the sun goes down, drink coffee in late night cafes and work on projects in their studios until 3 am. Creative types aren’t always morning people. They often feel at home in the city when most of the inhabitants have gone to bed. So, it makes sense for Paris’s biggest and best museums and galleries to offer a late-night experience for this market. European Museum Night 2019 is just that and there are lots of different events to choose from. 

The Taste of Marie Leszczynska at the Palace of Versailles

The crown princess Marie Leszczynska is a figure that isn't so well known in France today. Yet, she was one of the longest reigning queens. The wife of Louis XV, she resided in the Palace of Versailles for 42 years. Over this time she transformed the building, creating a series of stunning apartments and collecting a vast range of art and other items. 

The 5 Best Gardens And Parks That You Must Visit In Paris

One aspect of Paris that shouldn’t be overlooked by any tourists visiting this city is the quality of the parks. There are some amazing parks right across this city that are perfect additions to an itinerary. Here are 5 of the best gardens and parks that you must visit in Paris.