A moment of relaxation in a Paris Spa Hotel

Elegant as it is, the 4-start Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel stands out as an ideal Paris Spa Hotel that integrates a moment of relaxation with a luxury feeling. So, if you are looking for a spa in Paris France during your stay in the capital, the hotel is an awesome destination that links you up with Villa Thalgo, one of the best spa in Paris with exclusive offers. The partner spa Villa Thalgo is just at a walk distance from the Plaza Tour Eiffel hotel.


Luxury and Relaxation at Villa Thalgo at the heart of the capital

The Villa Thalgo is a spa that provides an idyllic and unique setting for relaxation and sweetness at the heart of the capital. It is close enough to The Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel and offers a selection of Thalgo treatments such as slimming treatments, beauty treatments, relaxing massages, and modern facilities like fitness areas, aquatic areas, and gourmet areas. Moreover, it provides Spa Tub Hotel services hence housing everything needed to relax the mind and body. Notably, Villa Thalgo is also a spa in Paris that also offers a spectacular view of the jewels of the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

In addition, the Thalgo spa showcase the benefits of seawater in a holistic and stylistic manner. It contains a large marine hammam, lounge and outdoor terrace, relaxing basin, and aqua training areas that are environmentally conservative. Notably, the developments of the Thalgo treatments are done using natural and highly biodegradable materials to ensure sustainability and protection of the ecosystems.

The large marine hammam in Paris 16 at Villa Thalgo is set to be a remarkable feature that adds to the elegance of the spa. Beyond these features, the natural stones adorn the wall of the seawater, where you can have a great moment of relaxation. At this place, you get a chance to empty your mind by allowing the mind to be carried away by the intimate and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing.


A spa in Paris France, at a stone's throw from the hotel's outdoor terrace.

The Paris Spa Hotel, Plaza Tour Eiffel partners with Villa Thalgo to allow guests to have an experience of a lifetime. The Villa Thalgo is just a few hundred meters from The Plaza Eiffel Hotel and can easily be accessed by walk. The combined establishments of the Spa Tub Hotel sometimes use their concierge to offer assistance to guests in booking, transport, and other specific treatments.

In a nutshell, both the hotel and the Villa Thalgo spa offer a true parenthesis of relaxation that incorporates awesome touches of luxury. The holistic treatments areas and establishments complete the sweetness of the Paris Spa Hotel. In particular, with the cozy and vegetal setting, a guest can enjoy a variety of activities that also come along with tea accompanied by sweets and other current offers that change with seasons.


Benefits of the Paris Spa Hotel and Villa Thalgo spa

The well-being of every guest in the Paris Spa Hotel is upheld at all times, and exclusive treatments are offered, which meet all the desires and needs of the guests. Remarkably, the guest reception service operates 24 hours a day and is made up of multilingual staff to facilitate smooth, clear, and inclusive communications. Also, room services are available 24/7, and the concierge staff goes beyond to assist in transfers, laundry, shoe shining, and desk work in each room whenever necessary.

Beyond the reception service, this Paris Spa Hotel has a free Fibre optic Wi-Fi that is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Besides, computer and printing services are available to every guest and are intended to make any paperwork needed to be smooth. In the morning hours, rich and diversified breakfast is available.

To sum it up, the Plaza Tour Eiffel Hotel is the place to be whenever you need a break between busy days. Do not hesitate to contact the 4-star hotel for more inquiries on bookings and treatments provided.

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